May 16th, 2012


True Blood Click and Drag game! (drag pictures to get your answers)

Species: Vampire

Lover: Hoyt

Best friend: Lafayette

Hangout: Fangtasia

Enemy: Steve Newlin

Cause of death: Heart ripped out

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    Species: Wolf Sam Sam Fangtasia Steve Newlin Cause of Death: Pissed off Russell
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    Species: Human Hoyt (YAY!) Best Friend: Terry (Yay!) Hot Shot (Eeww) Jessica (Nooo) Cause of Death: Rough Sex with Eric...
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    Species: Fairy Lover: Sam (he took my light hehe) Best friend: Sookie (us fae has to stick together…besides she’s a...
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    Species: Shifter Alcide Best Friend: Hoyt Bon Temps Graveyard Sookie Cause of Death: Rough Sex with Eric
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    vampire Lover: Hoyt Best friend: Sookie Hangout: Fangtasia Enemy:Russell Cause of death: pissed off Russell
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    werewolf Lover: Sookie(no, no, no) Best friend: Terry Hangout: Hotel Carmilla Enemy: witches Cause of death: rough sex...
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    Fairy Eric Best Friend: Jessica Fangtasia Authority Safe/None
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    1. werewolf 2.Jason 3.Pam 4.Merlotte’s 5.Jessica 6.killed by magic
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    Fairy Lover: Jason Best Friend: Lafayette Hangout: Bon Temps Graveyard Enemy: Sookie Cause of Death: Mauled by wolves
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    Witch Eric Best Friend: Lettie-Mae Hotel Carmilla Werewolves Cause of Death: V Overdose
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    Species: vampire (cool) jessica (fuck yeah, i get the ginger) terry (fuck yeah, terry is awesome even though he’s not...
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    Vampire; Andy; Best Friend: Jessica; Hotel Carmilla; Steve Newlin; Cause of Death: Drained.
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    Species: Witch Lover: Jessica (Hell ya!) Best Friend: Sam Bon Temps Graveyard Enemy: Bill Cause of Death: Pissed of...
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    Species: Vampire (of course) Lover: Sam Merlotte (not bad, he’s cute) Best Friend: Pam Hangout: Hot Shot Enemy: Sookie...
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    Species: Fairy (AWW HELL YUS) Pam (Pam wants my fairy blood, whoop!) Best Friend: Sookie (uh oh, this doesn’t sound good...